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Unilok Corporation

Instrumentation fittings, ball needle & check valves, diaphragm, bellows, manifold valves

Unilok Corporation, which has continued to grow and develop in the instrumentation pipe fitting field by localizing stainless tube fitting - that Korea had depended entirely on import - in 1984 has been recognized by the 40 other countries as well as Korea in the instrumentation pipe fitting and valve field.
Unilok Corporation is practicing becoming one mind with customers by making great efforts to promote technologies endlessly, invest in technical professionals, and find new technologies, informations, and culture and making all the employees be in unity and harmony.
And is preparing to make a leap forward again to build the bes in the world market in the 21st century which is rapidly changing.




UPH Fitting

UPH Valve

Gap Gauge Ring (GGR)


Casting Bellows Valve