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Waverley brownall

Instrumentation fittings, ball valve, needle valve, check valves, relief valves




Established in 1929, with headquarters in Essex, UK, Waverley brownall is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of high-pressure compression fittings, valves, and bespoke instrumentation products. These are available in many alloys including Stainless Steel, Monel, Titanium, Incoloy and 6MO.

Waverley brownall supplies the highest quality exotic alloy fittings for the most demanding engineering applications. With key markets including the UK, Italy, Germany, Holland, the Middle East, Russia and South Africa · our customers depend on us for product integrity and safety at all times.

Waverley brownall has built its reputation for quality in supplying some of the world's largest industrial companies. Its many accreditations include BS ISO 9001 plus Lloyds Type Approval for classified installations.

Waverley brownall is a primary supplier of compression fittings and valves to the Britannia offshore platform, the Centrica Gas storage facility at Easington and the Conocophillips Humberside Refinery.

Other long standing users of the company's fittings and valves include BP, Shell, Amec and Texaco. Waverley brownall have also been the sole approved supplier to the UK's National Gas Networks for over 30 years.

Recent major projects include the LNG pipeline and processing plant at Oman, and the Total Pazflor project in West Africa.

The company's philosophy is dominated by quality. Each Waverley brownall product is designed using state-of-the-art CAD technology and is subjected to rigorous quality control procedures.


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