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Sitecna in the sole italian distributor for the following brands

Sigma HLR

Controller units, pressure senores, manual relays, hydraulic valves & quick exhaust valves.


Positioners & switch boxes.

Imperial Valve

Double block and bleed valves, instrument valve manifold, instrument protection enclosures.

Unilok Corporation

Instrumentation fittings, ball needle & check valves, diaphragm, bellows, manifold valves

Waverley brownall

Instrumentation fittings, ball valve, needle valve, check valves, relief valves

Glass Specialist

Specialty fittings, valves and hydro-pneumatic product for the glass industry.

Alkon Corporation

Fittings, flow regulators & electro-pneumatic valves.

Condor Technologies

Instrumentation heaters & thermostats for hazardous locations

Chester Molecular

Cyanoacrylate adesive, elastometric polymers, lubrificating agents, industrial cleaning.